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In our many travels through the years, we’ve covered the globe and have seen some really impressive custom built automobiles – from Honda S2000 to Datsun 510. Japan never disappoints, Canada has quite a bit of cars that capture our attention, and, needless to say, the good ol’ USA provides some of the best builds the world over. Inside our vast country, we’ve witnessed a variety of variations that come from various regions; the most notable areas are states like California, Florida, the tristates, and Texas. This is, of course, taking a look at it coming from a very broad spectrum. Within these states are major cities which can be heavily populated with enthusiasts and some which are not. We try to keep our scope as wide as possible, but there are times when the thing is some awesome builds from areas that leave you scratching your head and seeking at maps to see if they exist.along with his AP2 S2000 are no strangers to us. In the last couple of years, we’ve had the privilege to view its gradual progression to its current state. Tom happens to be an eager guy who seems to be always ready to pass along information on his build whenever asked. We enjoy his enthusiasm. When we finally had a chance to ask him some personal questions about himself and not the car, we were surprised to hear about his background. It is always crucial that you know the owner as much as the automobile because it allows us to appreciate this process that much more.

Texas is where he calls home nevertheless the city from which he originates is relatively unknown to us. I grew up in a small town called Rosharon, which is basically on the outskirts of Houston, Tom says. It’s a small country town with justgrass and trees, and lots of empty roads. I grew up with a variety of car guys and that is where my passion forTo mention that Rosharon was a small town would probably be a gross understatement; the whole town has less than 1,200 residents and is just a little over three square miles large. By comparison, a significant city like Houston houses over 2 million people. You wouldn’t think that such a small town could produce such an eye-catching S2K like Tom’s, but not only does still it reside in Rosharon, the entire car was also built inside his garage.

My friends modified Civics and Integras being raised so I always just gravitated toward Hondas. I’ve owned a few through the years but I wanted to try to build an S2000. I liked the fact that it was rear-wheel drive, affordable, and, well, because it was a Honda. Tom recounts. I started modding it immediately and over the years, I developed this idea i wanted the car to be diverse from all the amazing S2000 builds I saw online from your West and East Coasts. I saw other S2K guys really pushing the envelope with all the aero modifications and wheel setups but no person really put time into transforming the engine bay.

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So did Tom’s Honda S2000, as being the Texas import scene continued to evolve. He was from a small town but had big dreams for his car. More events were appearing in that region, and media attention was being committed to the Lone Star State so he was as motivated as ever. Ultimately time-consuming one, although his strategy was a simple: He would keep the exterior alterations of his S2000 to a minimum, and devote all of his time into remaking the engine bay. It sounded easy enough but taking care of the engine bay on these Honda roadsters is anything but. The complexities of it are in fact one of the main factors why you don’t see several cleanly executed bays as if youeasy at all, especially since I was doing all things in my garage. I had to produce custom brake lines to reroute them in a way where they wouldn’t be visible and the Texas climate didn’t allow me to just remove the A/C completely. I needed to modify those lines also and hide them. For the main engine wiring harness, there was no aftermarket, off-the-shelf harness for purchase during the time from companies like Rywire, and so i had to affect the factory one. I cut and extended the harness thus i could tuck it up underneath the front fenders along with the fuse box. What took by far the most time was shaving the engine bay and rendering itOne can only imagine what casual onlookers within his town thought watching Tom sand down his engine bay. If the car even ran with literally simply the motor floating over the engine compartment, many were probably left wondering. The rest that was left in was either polished or coated in a gloss black finish to contrast against the red exterior. Hardly any power-adders were implemented considering that the bay is indeed naked; you won’t look for a turbo or supercharger here. A Fujita cold-air intake replaces the cumbersome OEM airbox and a Skunk2 Racing header drives exhaust gases out via an HKS exhaust. The outward appearance of his AP2 is equally as simple, however it is not without its aero enhancements; the face has been outfitted with an ASM bumper along with the factory ragtop remains hidden like his engine harness as a Spoon Mooncraft-style top provides cover as promised. The rear 1 / 2 of his car has a much beefier appeal than its factory counterpart with incorporating ASM rear fender flares. The added room from the flares offers only enough space to housefrom the engine bay and exterior. Bride Ergo II seats keep Tom and hisgirlfriend and Anita, snugly in place while overall driving position is improved by using a concave Vertex steering wheel mounted to a Mugen hub. Together with his interior being mostly black in color, the signature green tone of his Takata safety harnesses and blue hue in the Cusco bolt-on ‘cage add a sharp, attention-grabbing, contrast on thewe were impressed with all the overall execution of his project. Oftentimes, less is without a doubt more, especially when it comes to modifying Hondas. You honestly wouldn’t think that he had devoted so much time into customizing the engine bay to the extent that he did as the exterior is pretty modest, when the hood is closed. It can be indeed the entire opposite, even though you would expect other S2000s with hoards of expensive aero to get an engine bay like Tom’s. Furthermore, the truth that he performed all of his modifications, minus paint, within a small garage in a town no one has ever heard about earns him a ton of respect. We often forget that great builds originate from all walks of life. This is for your guys/gals from towns like Rosharon along with other places that are usually unseen. Your projects is not going unrecognized.

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