2012 Nissan GT-R & 2009 370Z – Street Kings


Attention whores? Look a little bit closer and you’ll see they’re far from trailer queens, though yes, it’s true; these colorful Nissan yell for attention on the outside. You’re lookin’ at two street- and track-driven warriors. Neither is stanced out and they both share similar modifications on the chassis and motor-no crazy engine conversions or forced induction kits but just the right amount of mods to further improve the car’s ability to attack the road course while still keeping the comfort and reliability level for the street. The GT-Z and R will also be reader-built rides, which makes them so much sweeter to showcase in our annual Nissan issue.

2012 nissan GTR and 2009now to the Nissan GT-R. The R35 is actually a powerful, balanced and basically turnkey track car. It performs leagues past other similarly priced competitors, giving any Godzilla owner the largest bang for buck. If you earn more than whatever we do here, and while still it has a price point of $100K brand-new, pre-owned R35 are dropping into the $40K-range so there’s a reason to get one more than ever-that is! But for people who have the means and will appreciate the GT-R for what it is, there is a vehicle they can really make the most of like Tim Pu from Irvine, Calif. He picked up this ’12 model and already knew what to expect. The GT-R is a fast car! he exclaimed. But I also wanted to have that ‘wow’ factor, too. In addition, it had to be a streetable car that served track duties a few times per year. And what better spot to modify the carsimply sexy machines coming out of their shop, like last year’s Nissan issue cover car. So, with the pursuit to make Tim’s GT-R pop on the street, nothing says look at me better than bright yellow, right? Precisely! There’s possibly no color that screams for attention more than the yellow wrap applied to this R35. But underneath the vinyl is why this car special-a mash-up of carbon-fiber body parts. The front side bumpers, side skirts and hood come from Top Racing-ultra-rare in the GT-R community and all sorts of made of carbon-fiber. In accordance with the R’s Tuning these parts were actually the first Top Racing R35 parts imported into the U.S.. The madness didn’t stop there with Password JDM fenders, also constructed of carbon-fiber and modified from the R’s Tuning to flow. The rear fenders come from Wald, as the diffuser is a thing to admire-a mixture of Wald and Difflow pieces-whilst the Seibon dry carbon-fiber trunk features a monstrous spoiler from Kognition. It’s hard to think that with all these different companies used on the exterior, a car will come together nicely. But it definitely makes it probably the most recognizable GT-Rs we’ve ever come across.

The fly bodywork is only just a piece of this R35’s puzzle though. The R’s Tuning continued through to develop the best handling package for the car. First, the chassis received a KW sleeve kit designed to use the factory struts and mounts, also giving the GT-R a tad sportier ride. New camber arms were also thrown straight into help align the car with -2.5°-an ideal setup for the car’s street and trackextremely hard to fit passengers in the back seat anyways, we approve the custom cage and harness bar by The R’s Tuning.

Concerning power, the twin-turbo V6 already puts down ample for a guy like Tim with a factory-rated 530hp and 448 lb-ft of torque. But who doesn’t like more? Without going overboard, The R’s added an MxP downpipe and exhaust, an upgraded fuel pump, HKS intake and Cobb Tuning flash. With some ECU tuning by SP Engineering, the 3.8-liter improved to 545hp and 535 lb-ft.

Even though many might look at Tim’s spec list and consider it minor, it’s done with the right purpose. The car breaks necks mainly because it did from the Mackin Industries booth at SEMA this past year. It’s also a solid car to spend hours cruising on a long road trip, as being the GT-R proved traveling to and fro from Orange County to Las Vegas for SEMA. And lastly, it can dominate on the track as it posted some of the best results and lap times in last year’s Optima Challenge. In the event you ask us, straight up all-star status!

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