2014 Scion tC – Simpli-tC


If you recall, a few months back we announced the details and contestants for our 2013 Scion Tuner Challenge featuring the all-new, tC. The challenge provided three individuals from various demographics with a brand new tC, a $15K budget to do whatever they’d like with and a strict time frame of 90 days to complete the build, load it up for SEMA and be judged in front of the entire world. Though each entry respectively showed an immense amount of passion and dedication, after a long and anxious day of patiently waiting, the panel of judges finally announced the winner, crowning Young Tea champion.
2014 scion tC sparco leather steering wheel Photo 2/8 | 2014 Scion tC – Simpli-tC

Dubbing his ride “Simpli-tC” Young wanted to go about constructing his project in a way that would represent the very premise the Scion lineup is based off of—producing an affordable car that’s not just physically trendy, but also streamlined for efficiency, allowing consumers to easily create a ride with the luxuries a normal base model would lack—Young did just that.

Starting with the exterior, Young entered an entirely new realm for himself and began constructing the bodywork from scratch. Please note—Young has had an immense amount of experience getting his hands dirty with bolt-on work, but bodywork was another story. In his first attempt, Young successfully molded an extra 1″””” to the front fender flares with an additional 1.5″””” in the rear allowing the build to house a set of custom forged Nutek fatties under the arches. In addition, a custom-molded rear hatch wing, dual-outlet exhaust diffuser, shaved antenna and full lip kit were added with the guidance of Mike Vu of MV Designz. Not bad for the first time around, ay? Completing the image, the chassis was brought down to earth with a 12-way adjustable damper AirREX air suspension system, giving the wide body a luxurious yet battle-ready stance.
2014 scion tC miniature version RC car Photo 3/8 |
I shall call it: Mini Simpli-tC.

With the new territories conquered and the hefty portion of the job complete, it was finally time for Young to start piecing his vision together. Now, we all know the tC was never meant to be a “fast” car, but no way any obvious tuner would ever leave it stock. Bringing life to the little four-cyclinder engine, Young opted for a genuine Garrett turbo in conjunction with a Dezod manifold and front mount intercooler. Giving the tC the extra little pep it deserves, without trying to claim it as a 500+hp street racer. Though with safety in mind, the build also received multiple TRD chassis suspension components along with Sparco 4-point racing belts and harness bar to make sure Young’s strapped if the SHTF.

Through all the work, trials and errors, Young states the most challenging part of the competition was actually meeting the 90-day deadline. In fact, he actually had to entirely remove himself from his usual day-to-day hustle in order to be able to complete the car. We could not applaud him any more for the dedication… Hopefully the $10K he earned in prize money will balance things out for the time being.
2014 scion tC nutek 610 wheels Photo 4/8 | 2014 Scion tC – Simpli-tC

Tuning Menu
2014 Scion tC

Owner Young Tea

Hometown Alhambra, CA

Engine 2.5 liter four-cylinder 16 valve DOHC engine with Dual VVT-I; genuine Garrett T3/T04E turbo; Dezod front mount intercooler, turbo manifold, downpipe and dump tube; TiAL MV-s 38mm V-band polished wastegate and 50mm BOV; DeatschWerks Plug-N-Play 550cc fuel injectors; AEM fuel & ignition controller; Boomslang custom Plug-N-Play wire harness; HPS High Performance silicone hose kit, couplers and radiator hoses; ARK Performance quad titanium tip exhaust; Odyssey Dry-Cell battery; GReddy water temp adapter; Downstar engine dress up kit; TRD quick shifter kit; Mtec Industries shift springs; polished TRD oil cap; powdercoated valve cover and intercooler piping by PowerCoating Manics
2014 scion tC DOHC VVT i four cylinder engine Photo 5/8 | 2014 Scion tC – Simpli-tC

Footwork & Chassis AirREX Air Suspension; tC specific upper and lower mount; 12-way adjustable dampers; double convoluted bellows; twist-lock compression fittings; TRD front-upper strut brace, front and rear sway bars and bushings

Brakes TRD big brake kit and stainless steel brake lines; StopTech rear cross-drilled rotors; high performance pads

Wheels & Tires 19×10″”””+14 front, 19×11″”””-11 rear Nutek 610 wheels; 245/35 R19 front, 255/35 R19 rear Nitto Invo tires

Exterior MV Designz lip kit; custom molded front and rear fenders, rear hatch wing, dual-outlet exhaust rear diffuser, shaved antenna, red taillights; House of Kolor lite teal pearl paint

Interior Sparco L777 leather steering wheel and quick release short hub, 4-point competition seat belt harnesses with harness bar and Reflex racing pedals; GReddy Multi D/A gauge; reupholstered racing bucket seats with matching rear seats, armrests and door panels; color-matched interior trim pieces; TRD floor mats; YoSpeed custom-milled “Simpli-tC” door sills; Pioneer AVH-X8500BHS in-dash navi unit, TS-B350PRO 3.5″””” speakers, (two) TS-M650PRO 6.5″””” speakers, TS-M800PRO, GM-D8601 sub amplifier, GM-D8604 amplifier; dual 8″””” trunk subwoofers

Thanks You My girlfriend Camille Saito, brother Meng Tea, Noel Barnum, Mike, Merry, Oscar, Tuan and Vu of MV Designz; Pioneer; Nutek; Nitto Tires; GReddy Racing; AirREX; TRD; Dezod Motorsports; AEM; SParco; FRS86; Canibeat; iloveracing.com; stickyicons.com; Downstar Inc; YoSpeed; Beatsonic; RS*R; Bell Flower Auto Center; Meguiar’s; HPS; PowderCoating Manics; ARK Performance; MTEC Industries; Motor Mavens; Dayuum; Scion Evolution; JDMzipties; and last but not least Scion for the opportunity!

2014 scion tC 4 point competition seat belt harness
2014 scion tC greddy multi gauge
2014 scion tC airrex air suspension controller

Tetsu’s Thoughts

What do you think of this style? Do you wish the tC was sold in Japan?

I think that “simple is best” is the best description for Young Tea’s Scion tC and this customizing style is something Super Street readers can relate to. I like the rear wing because it’s not big or GT; it’s simple. It’s also very similar to Japanese tuning style. In Japan, it is hard to own more than two cars because of the parking problem; most public streets is ‘no parking’ and many people rent parking since many houses/apartments only have one parking space each or none. We can see the owner is driving drift car for going to the office. This tC looks like driving for daily or driving at race tracks. When I had DC2 Integra Type R, which was rally car, I drove it for going to work every day. I am not sure tC is good or not for Japan because it’s FF box style (Hakosuka style or two-door sedan/coupe style) sports car. Japanese car magazines say box style two-door sedan/coupe is good after Nissan displayed IDx NISMO edition at Tokyo Motor Show 2013 (it looks similar to Datsun 510). But its rival would be Honda Civic Type R, which is already king of FF sports cars.


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1995 Toyota Supra – Third Time’s The Charm


For most of us, it’s a phrase we heard countless times as a kid: “When you grow up, you could be anything you wish to be.” All through grade school as well as during college, we’re constantly reminded that people should be pursuing a career we don’t dread getting out of bed for each morning. But what number of us actually see that dream become a reality? Philip Yeung of Spoolin’ Performance has succeeded in taking the leap and building a career from what he enjoys doing most: making cars go fast.

With a very early age, Philip got his start turning wrenches in the driveway with his brother. Acting being an unofficial apprentice of sorts, he spent as much time as possible working alongside his older brother, learning the tricks of the trade. Eventually, a good friend of Philip’s inherited a Honda Civic from a relative. Naturally, his first response to this news was to come to Philip for inspiration and advice. They decided to turbocharge the car, even though they had very little cash to use. With the support and help of his friend’s father, Philip managed to borrow a welder and start fabricating, because of this. To say he was hooked would be a massive understatement.

It absolutely was the experience of creating and modifying this inherited Honda that eventually triggered Philip fabricating turbo kits, exhaust manifolds, and other items for friends on the weekend in his leisure time. Despite the long and often inconvenient hours, Philip was bringing in more cash than nearly all of his friends working regular jobs, and best of all, he was doing something he loved.

1995 toyota supra nardi deep corn steering wheeltrial and error working odd jobs, Philip decided to pursue his desire for automotive fabrication and opened his own shop called Spoolin’ Performance. Although the company focuses on Acura and Honda turbo kits, Spoolin’ has expanded throughout the years, becoming more than familiar with Toyota Supras and V8-swapped RX7s.

This brings us to the beautiful example of the MKIV Supra you see before you decide to. You might be asking yourself, How could a young driveway mechanic move from piecing together homemade turbo kits to owning just about the most expensive and sought after Japanese platforms in the ’90s? The solution? A massive amount of dedication and years ofsweat and blood, and tears. When Philip made a decision to purchase this specific Supra from the friend, the automobile was essentially in shambles. It had made its way from shop to shop over the years, plus it seemed how the more people who tried their hand at perfecting the automobile, the worse off it had been. Hacked up body panels, botched wiring, and a number of less-than-quality paintjobs had left this Supra in bad shape. It would have been easy to walk away and most people would have-but Philip saw the potential.

Not long after he bought the auto, a cracked oil pan resulted in engine failure. Keen to begin righting the wrongs that had been committed, Philip had an entire bottom end assembled using the best components available. Unfortunately, the store that assembled the engine made some critical mistakes, and the complete forged bottom end that had just been built let go lower than 10 miles after it absolutely was completed. Frustrated, Philip understandably decided to take a rest from the car. Being placed in a corner of the warehouse for more than a year before it was finally revisited, the Supra took a back seat to other builds at the shop.

With motivation to tackle the project restored, Philip removed the blown motor and sent the chassis over to his father’s shop, Almaden Collision, in SanCalifornia and Jose, where he convinced his dad to re-spray the car’s exterior and engine bay whilst the motor was out. After countless hours of sanding and bodywork to remove remnants of other body shops’ failed attempts at a paintjob, the automobile was sprayed a vivid hue of red borrowed from the Yamaha R1. “At first, the paint was actually a bit loud for me, but in the sun colour pops. From the shade colour settles down, and that’s how I such as the car. It’s kind of like my personality: When I want to keep to myself, I can-but when I want to be loud, I’m within your face,” Philip explains. In addition to the color change, several subtle exterior components were added to toughen things up without going too within the top. The Modelista Designs front bumper flows well with the Stillen side skirts and Do-Luck cowl hood. Out back, the factory spoiler was ditched in favor of a much more subtle carbon-fiber lip spoiler, also from Modelista designs. These simple but effective changes give the perfect amount of balance to the flashy red paint, maintaining a clean but menacing appearance.

Though it had been a bit less painful to think about, Philip continued to grow fed up with seeing the car sitting around. Still disheartened by the previous engine failures, he made a decision to try a different approach. At this moment, he just wanted to enjoy driving the auto without working with reliability issues. Keeping things simple, Philip picked up a used 2JZ with a factory bottom end. After removing the head and taking it to Dave’s Engine and Machine for any performance valve job, the engine was reassembled together with the factory bottom end left intact. To his delight, the compression numbers were good all over the board. One might suspect that things stayed tame from this point forward, but that couldn’t be farther away from the truth. Philip fabricated a number of custom parts for the 2JZ through Spoolin’ Performance, such as a unique twin scroll bottom mount turbo manifold-something that had previously not been noticed in the Supra community. A BorgWarner S366 turbocharger was installed, in addition to ato ensure the car to deal with turbo power. A TRD LSD was installed, housed within a complete six-speed rear end from your turbo model fed by way of a custom South Bay Driveline driveshaft. Naturally, a Getrag V160 six-speed transmission mated to the 2JZ via an RPS billet carbon twin disc clutch allows for smooth and reliable transfer of power. Lawrence Shipman tuned the vehicle via an AEM EMS, and also on E85, the Supra spun the rollers to the tune of 750 whp at 26 psi. The setup has remained reliable for more than 3 years while being abused constantly at both dragstrip and throughout daily use, proving how reliable and robust factory 2JZ engines are.

No Supra would be complete without a meaty wheel and tire setup, and Philip’s car does not disappoint. For street duty, a set of massive 18×10- and 18×11-inch staggered CCW classics wrapped in wide Toyo R888 rubber ensure that as much power as possible is delivered to the pavement. At the dragstrip, a pair of Weld racing wheels with Hoosier slicks are swapped onto the car. To fit this setup, the stock NA Supra rear brakes were left in position, allowing the small-diameter wheels to remove the calipers.

In the end, Philip’s decision to adopt a leap of faith and follow his passion for fabrication has paid off. He’s got a beautiful demonstration of a Toyota Supra that proudly showcases some of his company’s innovation and fabrication skill, though not only has Spoolin’ Performance taken off.

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Why Are Pickup Trucks So Popular Among Men

Pickup trucks continue being one of the most popular vehicles in the roads, particularly among male drivers?

Here are several of the top reasons why men just can’t resist a pickup truck like the RAM 4500 or similar.


• They are so darned nice on the inside. Back into the “”good old days”” pickup truck interiors were all vinyl bench seats, hand cranked windows and just maybe if you were really lucky a radio that you simply couldn’t actually hear due to deafening sound of the truck trundling across the road. Nowadays it’s an extremely different story – take a look at some of the interiors at www.ocramtruckcenter.com. The exteriors are pretty awesome too. Truck drivers can now drive along inside the lap of air conditioned luxury with as many as five passengers transported in comfort.


They may be soft inside but incredibly tough externally. When you have to tackle the most difficult terrains, pickup trucks are still the best option. Even if you don’t live on a ranch and haul cattle every day they are still perfect for off-roading weekend adventures. You can drive to your favorite camp site, no matter how remote – or ski resort through the snow drifts and have plenty of room for your equipment in the back.

• They are great for towing; whatever you want to tow you’ll get the job done using a pickup truck. Men never really do outgrow their passion for “”boys toys”” so whether you want to tow a speed boat, a race car or a dune buggy you will need a pickup truck. How else are you going to transport your toys along the public roads? You certainly can’t drive them to wherever you want to go for fun.

• You can throw whatever you such as the back without having to be restricted by cabin height . . . and it doesn’t really matter how dirty it is either. Pickup trucks are great for families allowing you to throw your kids bicycles in the back or big kids’ dirt bikes for the desert adventure. They are also ideal for camping gear, skiing gear and lots of several types of sports gear. Dirt is no problem whatsoever . . . you can simply hose down the back which is over can be said to have an enclosed SUV.

• They may be real attention grabbers – probably over any other type of vehicle. Some men buy vehicles with the hopes that they will get checked out by the girls and other men just want to make everybody stare – trucks can certainly fit both criteria. It doesn’t really matter whether you reside in the country or perhaps the heart from the city, an oversized pickup truck will attract plenty of attention.

• Pickup trucks can also turn you right into a local hero when the occasion help and arises you to gain Good Samaritan points. What is more perfect to help out a neighbor who has got stuck inside the snow? You may also haul around saplings to the local community projects, jungle gyms to the park for the local kids to take pleasure from or anything else which is heavy, large, dirty or all three in the community. When you have a truck you quickly become the “go to guy” – okay, it’s not always fun but it usually results in such as a six-pack which makes it worth the effort.


These are simply a few good reasons why it pays to drive a pickup truck and when you think of it, there’s little wonder that they are so well liked.

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FD Mazda RX-7 – Rotary Engine Relationship


I actually can’t remember having any issues with this car. Yeah . . . when was the last time you heard someone using a Mazda RX-7 say that? Or better yet, someone with a rotary motor? It isn’t any secret that the rotary engine has its share of problems. Conceptually, automotive enthusiasts’ relationships with their cars aren’t everything dissimilar to their relationships with folks. Also well aware that issues and problems may arise, while you go into them hoping for the very best. The important part is your perspective and mindset, as those see how you deal. You’ll surrender and proceed if your devotion doesn’t run deep enough. If that love is deep enough, the both of you will stand the test of energy, but, conversely.or otherwise not), the attractions started with appearances. I first saw an FD back in the early ’90s after they first came out. I loved the look but like most people inside their late teenage years, it was only a dream to actually own one among my own. Seeing the car provided the fuel somewhere deep within him, but riding in it lit the fire. The thing was that the ride didn’t happen for years. After high school, Philip went to college and graduated, providing him with the financial means to just go purchase a car of his. This proved timely since it wasn’t till after he graduated from college that he or she had the ability to actually ride in one. My first ride was in a somewhat modified FD, and at that point I fell in love with the sound and feel of your car, he says. The noise of the rotary engine and feel of the chassis, in addition to the inarguably smooth and timeless lines from the FD chassis, solidified Philip’s determination to possess his own. About one to two years after that, I purchased my first ’93 base black RX-7, he says. And so it began.

1993 mazda RX7 LED taillights 09

1993 mazda RX7 RE amemiya cluster 04

1993 mazda RX7 FEEd shift knob 07

When it comes to FDs, there really is only one tuner in the world that stands out, and that is RE-Amemiya, Philip says. They have produced some amazing FDs in the past, and i also consider them to be pioneers of rotary tuning. Additionally, FEED’s designs and products resonate with Philip. Therefore, it really is no surprise that he or she opted to use these companies’ products to produce the striking and menacing RX-7 the thing is before you. When FEED first came out using the Type 2R bumper, I liked it because it modernized the car, he says. I loved the subtly smoother lines of the front fenders and rear flares. The mix of those FEED aero pieces in addition to the RE-Amemiya Pro Carbon rear diffuser, and vented GT and hood wing supply the shapes and lines, with the dark shade of paint and Diamond Black Volk RE30s completing the menacing appearance of this Mazda RX-7. To power this dark beauty, Philip utilized a BNR Stage 3 turbo coupled to an HKS intake by having an A’pexi intercooler to keep air temps down. Exhaust gases travel through a Racing Beat downpipe and exit from the dual-tipped RE-Amemiya exhaust. An Adaptronic ECU, with tuning being done by Philip himself, handles rotary engine management. In fact, everything down to the colour change was completedThe physical attraction made him a fan, but it was actually the community who contributed greatly to his sticking around. To all of you who have ever dated an attractive woman, met her friends, and realized that they were annoying enough to help you become head another direction, raise the hands. OK, you guys know what I’m talking about. But this wasn’t the case for Philip. Philip says, I got into the cars as a result of community. I knew nothing about rotary vehicles when I bought my first FC back in 1998 and even less about my FD back 1999. It was local FD owners who helped me learn and lend a helping hand during my first FD build. The camaraderie and positivity in this community had such an effect on Philip that this inspired him to collaborate with fellow rotorhead David Jerome and yes it guy Kevin Henderson and start RotaryCarClub.com. And to bring the community closer, I started a rotary event called ‘Deals Gap Rotary Rally (DGRR)’, that will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2014, Philip says. Pretty cool, don’t you feel? Well, it doesn’t stop there. The rotary engine is still unknown to many support and people for them is minimal in comparison to piston engine cars. My goal is always to make these cars seen to the new generation of show and individuals them how a 20-year-old car can keep up with new 100K plus cars on the road and track.

1993 mazda RX7 personal controlsthis specific FD Mazda RX-7 chassis for almost a decade, making it the longest he’s owned an FD chassis. That’s saying something given how many other chassis on the whole that he’s had. Philip has owned an ’88 RX-7 convertible, three different ’93 RX-7’s (a base, Touring, and R1 model), a ’94 FD, a ’72 RX-2 coupe, a ’73 RX-3 coupe, a ’91 Eunos Cosmo three-rotor, an ’85 RX-7 GLS-SE, an ’04 RX-8, and even an ’06 MX-5. So, this type of car with his fantastic relationship along with it is different than all the others, though it is very clear that his fascination with the rotary runs deep. This car taught me the way to continue to fall in love with a car-even after several years and several times when I thought I was done, Philip says. I’ve learned how to change the look of the vehicle every year so I can fall in love with it time and time again again. My goal is to continue my love for this car.

So, there you have it. The following is an enthusiast whose relationship with his car sounds like a love which is deep and ever-evolving, keeping it fresh and new. It sounds like Philip has finally found his one true love and therefore he has only eyes for this particular one car. I’m also building a ’94 Mazda RX-7 and a ’91 Eunos Cosmo, Philip says. Oh well . . . I guess it doesn’t hurt to have a few on the side to keep you busy.

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2012 Nissan GT-R & 2009 370Z – Street Kings


Attention whores? Look a little bit closer and you’ll see they’re far from trailer queens, though yes, it’s true; these colorful Nissan yell for attention on the outside. You’re lookin’ at two street- and track-driven warriors. Neither is stanced out and they both share similar modifications on the chassis and motor-no crazy engine conversions or forced induction kits but just the right amount of mods to further improve the car’s ability to attack the road course while still keeping the comfort and reliability level for the street. The GT-Z and R will also be reader-built rides, which makes them so much sweeter to showcase in our annual Nissan issue.

2012 nissan GTR and 2009now to the Nissan GT-R. The R35 is actually a powerful, balanced and basically turnkey track car. It performs leagues past other similarly priced competitors, giving any Godzilla owner the largest bang for buck. If you earn more than whatever we do here, and while still it has a price point of $100K brand-new, pre-owned R35 are dropping into the $40K-range so there’s a reason to get one more than ever-that is! But for people who have the means and will appreciate the GT-R for what it is, there is a vehicle they can really make the most of like Tim Pu from Irvine, Calif. He picked up this ’12 model and already knew what to expect. The GT-R is a fast car! he exclaimed. But I also wanted to have that ‘wow’ factor, too. In addition, it had to be a streetable car that served track duties a few times per year. And what better spot to modify the carsimply sexy machines coming out of their shop, like last year’s Nissan issue cover car. So, with the pursuit to make Tim’s GT-R pop on the street, nothing says look at me better than bright yellow, right? Precisely! There’s possibly no color that screams for attention more than the yellow wrap applied to this R35. But underneath the vinyl is why this car special-a mash-up of carbon-fiber body parts. The front side bumpers, side skirts and hood come from Top Racing-ultra-rare in the GT-R community and all sorts of made of carbon-fiber. In accordance with the R’s Tuning these parts were actually the first Top Racing R35 parts imported into the U.S.. The madness didn’t stop there with Password JDM fenders, also constructed of carbon-fiber and modified from the R’s Tuning to flow. The rear fenders come from Wald, as the diffuser is a thing to admire-a mixture of Wald and Difflow pieces-whilst the Seibon dry carbon-fiber trunk features a monstrous spoiler from Kognition. It’s hard to think that with all these different companies used on the exterior, a car will come together nicely. But it definitely makes it probably the most recognizable GT-Rs we’ve ever come across.

The fly bodywork is only just a piece of this R35’s puzzle though. The R’s Tuning continued through to develop the best handling package for the car. First, the chassis received a KW sleeve kit designed to use the factory struts and mounts, also giving the GT-R a tad sportier ride. New camber arms were also thrown straight into help align the car with -2.5°-an ideal setup for the car’s street and trackextremely hard to fit passengers in the back seat anyways, we approve the custom cage and harness bar by The R’s Tuning.

Concerning power, the twin-turbo V6 already puts down ample for a guy like Tim with a factory-rated 530hp and 448 lb-ft of torque. But who doesn’t like more? Without going overboard, The R’s added an MxP downpipe and exhaust, an upgraded fuel pump, HKS intake and Cobb Tuning flash. With some ECU tuning by SP Engineering, the 3.8-liter improved to 545hp and 535 lb-ft.

Even though many might look at Tim’s spec list and consider it minor, it’s done with the right purpose. The car breaks necks mainly because it did from the Mackin Industries booth at SEMA this past year. It’s also a solid car to spend hours cruising on a long road trip, as being the GT-R proved traveling to and fro from Orange County to Las Vegas for SEMA. And lastly, it can dominate on the track as it posted some of the best results and lap times in last year’s Optima Challenge. In the event you ask us, straight up all-star status!

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Used Cars from Nissan


There’s a high probability that the technology in a completely new vehicle can appear a little intimidating when you haven’t used it before, whether it’s been a year or a decade since you bought a new car. Luckily, innovation is easy with Nissan. Nissan always stays a step in front of the competition with regards to technology in vehicles but they make intuitive, user friendly cars that are simple to work with and possess helpful employees at all their locations who is able to help make the jump in to a new car as smooth as possible for you personally.


Nissan is usually the industry leader in incorporating new safety products inside their vehicles. With NissanConnect, you are able to plug your GPS into your own stereo system in the car to make driving easier and working your GPS completely hands free. SnugKids lets you pick the type of restraint that’s appropriate for each child in your family. You’ll be sure whether your youngster is ready for any seat belt or still should be in an approved car seat. The corporation is also endeavoring to have self-driving vehicles on the highway within the decade. The current technologies are already available in new cars at Nissan Temecula. Discover more about the vehicles they are available in and how they work at metronissanredlands.com. The friendly, expert staffs associated with a Nissan dealers are also glad to walk you through setting up the brand new technology in your vehicle and helping you figure out how to use it too. The goal is by using technology to maintain drivers as safe as is possible, so learning to use and feeling confident with the innovations is very important. Let us aid you in getting a state-of-the-art, technologically advanced, new car for your family.

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1998 GC8 Impreza & 1999 R34 Skyline GT-T – Within Reach


You realize Signal Auto for its ostentatiousness, for its signature-orange paint schemes, for being the company responsible for turning out cars like its legendary pair of chop-top JDM Civic drag cars-one of which had been powered by way of a front-wheel-drive NSX platform-or its equally infamous 180SX duo that did their part in helping establish drifting within theWithin Reach

Officially founded in 1978 by Kosuke MAD Kida, today, Signal Auto would it all. Limiting Signal Auto to something as menial as all that would be foolish, although the JDM powerhouse’s selection of services on its website tells you that its auto body side is equipped for jobs as small as repairing a single scratch or dent. Deep in their suburban headquarters, the Signal Auto team thrives on unparalleled undertakings-like Civics because of their roofs lopped off, shortened, and then grafted back into place. Big-power engine builds that aren’t limited by any particular make, body work, tuning, and fabrication all make up the list of precisely what the Japanese tuning company can perform and complement its manufacturing side that makes high-end aero pieces, exhaust components, and engine bits. Over the years the JDM firm has expanded and then scaled back, opening a North American facility in Torrance, CA, in 2000, that has since been shut down, as well asNot all Signal Auto buildup is just as glorified as those that have made their way onto American soil, though. In between every iconic Signal Auto project are two more that are every bit as attainable since the others are majestic. Like the company’s most recent JDM creations-its STi-swapped GC8 Subaru WRX and moderately modified R34 Nissan Skyline-either which are orders of magnitude more realistic than what the company’s been known for before but, in their ownIf you could, you’d would like it to be like Signal Auto client Yasuhiro Kimura’s, you can’t just go out and buy your personal GC8 WRX-the upgraded Impreza based upon Subaru’s World Rally Cross cars wasn’t offered to American buyers until ’02-but. The Osaka tuning company started with all the JDM WRX’s original boxer engine but soon pulled the short-filter out from underneath it, replacing it using the later-model GDB STi’s stronger, more powerful version. It’s an evident swap that’s done for obvious reasons: thepistons and cylinders, connecting rods, and crank are all capable of handlingThat is a good thing because the pressure was promptly crankedup and although, interestingly enough, the first turbo was retained. Here, the factory turbine bolts up to a Maxim Works exhaust manifold that’s fed from your other end by way of a Blitz intercooler and a myriad of piping from Signal Zero and Auto Sports. Signal Auto dialed from the EJ20’s air/fuel mixture utilizing an A’PEXi Power FC as well as Power Enterprise injectors along with a SARD fuel pressure regulator. The results are every bit as tame and streetable as you think, which is, in the endWithin Easy Reach

Like most of Signal Auto’s demo cars, Kimura’s GC8 exacts balance. The moderate power level complements the pointedly modified chassis that’s been outfitted with Zeal shocks, Hyperco springs, and just about everybar and brace, and bracket that Cusco says any Impreza ought to have. It’s the same type of balance that’s inherent with Subaru’s boxer-engine layout. Unlike conventional inline or V-style engines that distribute their weight unevenly over the chassis, boxer engines are nearly symmetrical. Rip the vehicle in half from front to rear along with the two halves of the transmission, driveline and engine are identical to each other. Do the same to any inline or V-style engine and you’ll end up with an exhaust manifold in one side, maybe three-quarters of the crank on the other, or even an entire transaxle on one end. Such boxer symmetry brings about reduced body roll, less torque steer and reduced engine vibrations, or, to put it differently, the perfectly balanced WRX that you’ve always imagined.

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2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive – First Drive


Mercedes-Benz B-School Electrical Push Details:

All-electronic designed for overall flexibility & easeInitially for company

174hp, 251 lb-feetdrive system, 28 kWh lithium-ion battery power

BMW i3, Nissan Leaf & Chevy Voltage rivalrydemo targeteddistance arrayfull demand time

Electronic devices: 5.8” Screen and USB relationshipCar-to-telephone connectionsbased brakeCrash reduction helpsElectrical travel process

Professionals: Peppy away endTranquil cabin at paceTechnological innovation abundant for price positionAbsolutely no emissionsReasonable cost

– Disadvantages: Limited rear legroom for higher passengersArtistic model of center displayPotential array stress and anxiety

2014 Mercedes Benz B School Electrical Push in white colored part movement see PictureClass Electric Travel In Bright white Aspect Movement See

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2014 Mercedes Benz B Course Electric Drive42

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“The automobile business will change much more within the next a decade than it offers in prior 50,” offers an agent at the new Mercedes-Benz Investigation And Development The United States center in Sunnyvale, CA. The Silicon Valley believe reservoir sits in close up closeness to names like Facebook, Google and Apple and is also alive with youthful futurists wielding free of charge Odwalla juices and trays of mixed nuts inside the new open structure window-filled building. We are here to determine where by Mercedes-Benz is headed and why it is so enthusiastic about the brand new 2014 B-Course Electric Drive lightweight.

First off, what car(s) come to mind when thinking zero emission, all electric? Imagery of blatantly obvious green platforms such as the road-rage inducing Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf materialize, just before the all-new BMW i3 funnels in. Conserving planet earth aside, all-electronic choices in today’s lightweight industry are certainly not exactly a fascinating potential for the “spirited driver” sect. With that being said, EV technical is an intriguing one when considering instantaneous full torque delivery, exact strength tailoring for electric tuners not to mention sustainability.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Class Electronic Push indoor saddle PictureSchool Electric Travel Indoor Seat

Thankfully, the enjoyment of driving had not been dropped around the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Type Electric Push, which comes offered in decide on claims this July. More than 230000 conventional B-Type models are actually sold abroad since being released in 2011. This electric powered variant even though focuses on simplicity, performance and luxury at a basic price of $42375 – a close to $5500 premium over a fully decked out Nissan Leaf. It outdid my preconceived expectations and is also a worthwhile applicant for all those searching for a second or localized setting of transport. As the brand’s first stateside all-electric production model you’ll quickly notice it lacks that, “I’m Green! ” spacecraft style so popular in the present alternative energy car market place. I am going to never comprehend getting a sluggish $25000 car that appears as if it came from the innovative territory of overdone Gluten-, excitement-, corporation-totally free sustainably. The B-Type Electronic Generate rather trapped to the gentle and smoothed European design beginnings.

2014 Mercedes Benz B School Electric Push top perspective ImageCourse Electronic Generate Front side View

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Palo “The Property of Innovation” Alto, CA set up the phase to the Tesla-run B-Type Electric Drive launch. As a tech-centric automaker, Mercedes-Benz R&D North America futurists explained why grabbing US market share in this arena is so important. It is the brand’s most potent market and unlike China or Russia, United states includes a powerful base of teenagers serving its long term. Generation X and Y heading to an era of more acquiring strength, more mega-suburbs, governmental bonuses, better system, traveling cost benefits and a growing number of modern “California” mindsets are common positive signals to ongoing rise in the US’s very low-to-absolutely no emission car industry. This is when the storyline of taking the 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric powered Drive stateside will begin.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Course Electrical Generate charge entrance available ImageSchool Electronic Generate Fee Doorway Wide open

Initially, the functionality numbers of the Stuttgart produced B-Type Electric Travel: By using a Fremont, CA made Tesla generate program and 28kWh lithium-ion battery power the four-front door hatch will attain -60mph within an calculated 7.9sec (see online video to get a hard -60mph operate) as well as a top rated speed of 100mph by way of 251 and 178hp lb-ft of fast torque. US control body weight is 3924 lb, which happens to be about 500 lb more than the diesel model and around 700 lb greater than a petrol generator variant. It’s significant to know which a higher kWh quantity is not really a warning sign of more strength; full strength can be a aspect in the EV factors applied. Off a stop and also in S-energy setting, the B-Course Electronic Drive will chirp a wheel and obtain moving in quietly fast design. Press the accelerator at town driving a vehicle speeds and power is waiting. There may be something great about moving quickly by means of snaking spectacular streets that is certainly beginning to expand on me. Compared to a Prius or Leaf, the managing is small and although entire body roll is felt in the course of mild cornering it can be drastically better than what exactly is on the highway now. The B-School Electric Push was astonishing in this connection. This in the motor package that is said to be the actual size of a rugby ball by using a small transmission and fundamentally 1 products. The 8-12 months or 100000-mile warrantied electric battery is located on top of the axles within a reinforced body beneath the back seating ground, which does step its elevation up from your entrance.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Travel back end a few quarters Pictureschool-electronic-travel-rear-about three-quarters

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The vehicle variety is an unofficial 80/85 a long way on the complete cost – recognized results to arrive. Fee time to complete is 3.5hrs when utilizing a Degree 2, 40-amp (240v) battery charger. Mercedes will bundle in the cost of installing such a home charging device sometimes of obtain as well – selling price on that TBA but count on a 240 client charging you unit statement even closer the middle of the-summertime July kick off in the ZEV says. Should you made an effort to fee the vehicle away a consistent connect the total charge time would go beyond the 30hr tag. Mercedes-Benz Senior Manager for EV Testing, a conventional auxiliary range extender such as that available for the new BMW i3 was taken off the table early because R&D into such a device did not share the same horizon as electric and those are basically a Band-Aid fix to a battery life issue that will improve over time, according to Jochen Eck. This is why the range nervousness might commence to set in for some but consider that 69% of people travel below 60 miles every day throughout the work few days contributing to 54Percent travel under 40 full kilometers during that same time frame, mentioned previously by Mercedes-Benz. This is simply not a streets getaway vehicle but one to finish day-to-day jobs in metropolitan or suburban household areas.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Type Electronic Travel Ip address Picturecourse-electric-drive-ip

Regenerative braking technologies, an electric power-neutering E-function and Array Additionally function try to increase total collection. The Range As well as attribute, available as being a option within the cockpit, allows as much as 14 added miles by overboosting the battery 15Per cent (28kWH) while it is getting incurred – just hit it just before asking and that’s it. Toggling to E-setting from S-mode affects throttle decreases and input the level of energy feasible at WOT. A number of quantities of regenerative braking can also be found as being an choice: DD, -, D and D Vehicle. By recouping battery energy through deceleration, this basically works.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Course Electronic Generate side Imageclass-electric powered-travel-aspect

Every single regenerative braking method, managed by kept/correct paddles about the controls, talks using a radar-structured process. On the front side from the motor vehicle is really a radar system that screens the space of the car ahead and relays info for the regenerative braking and Accidents Avoidance method. D- mode as an example is regarded as the intrusive and may allow computerized deceleration at the greatest extended distance in the automobile forward or on a trip downhill. Get rid of your foot in the accelerator and regenerative braking will quickly set out to gradual the auto at strong points decided through the regen mode you picked. Energy is delivered back into the battery pack by way of this technique. As an illustration, driving a vehicle up elevation employs a great deal of electricity but by way of regenerative braking you can acquire some of that vitality again in the way down. I stumbled upon D Vehicle setting to be the best comprise in day-to-day driving a car. General braking durability is capable and linear soon after first initiation, far more so than Japanese electric compacts now on the market. The regenerative brake process does include a little different of your seize truly feel on the pedal but it is something you become accustomed to.

2014 Mercedes Benz B School Electrical Travel shade screen with power facts 2 Photocourse-electric-drive-coloration-display-with-power-details-2-2

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Tracking car information will come compliments of pretty easy to read middle digital determine monitor that sits in-between a common speedo as well as use call. Biking by way of alternatives for example rate, kilometers still left on cost and energy flow is offered on the steering wheel D-cushion. On the right is really a normal 5.8” tablet-style display that showsnavigation and multimedia, vehicle info or perhaps the institutive back end view digital camera. As the position of the display screen is very clear eyeshot from the driver, its style looks seem compelled – almost like the leading internal was mapped out after which for an afterthought the Liquid crystal display was stuck on the top. The placement does allow for easy viewing while driving if this tablet-sized screen was detachable and touch-sensitive its design would be much more acceptable but again and most importantly.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Type Electronic Travel indoor rearseat seat ImageType Electric Travel Indoor Rearseat Saddle

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Internal really feel is what you expect from Mercedes and that is certainly fantastic. Leather car seats, great stitching and textured cut pieces develop a passenger and cockpit region acquainted to individuals not a novice to the emblem. The B-School Electronic Generate is not going to make an effort to go excessively futuristic in their design. All things are in which it ought to be which increases its user friendliness. Someone that’s in no way driven a power can start and remove without needing to read through an instructions guide. As a 6’3 tall person, I had no gripes with headroom. There is constrained rear legroom for higher travellers especially when anyone of dimension is resting at the start. Favorably, back travellers gain access to a dropdown kitchen table with glass holder loaded on the rear of the leading chairs, just like what you’d find upon an aircraft. The back chairs also fold downward for improved cargo place. Trunk room is satisfactory rather than muddled by rear battery power positioning. The B-Course Electronic Generate has a wheelbase of 106.26 “. Insulating material through keeps the drive calm except when you decide to turn up the improved stereo system, which works well.

2014 Mercedes Benz B School Electric Drive25 ImageClass Electric Drive25

Auto-to-Wireless bluetooth-device connectivity is yet another offering function from the B-Class Electrical Generate. The Car Main page mobile app enables you to handle and keep track of the most important aspects of the vehicle from equally a maintenance and comfort point of view. From your Laptop or computer or cell phone, it is easy to check battery pack demand, plan a route and control pre-heating or chilling of the motor vehicle ahead of coming into. Once within a preset range so you could essentially have the heater running or front lights turned on just before pulling into the driveway future apps will allow the car to speak to home devices.

2014 Mercedes Benz B Class Electronic Generate two with large badge ImageType Electronic Drive Two With Big Badge

“Cool factor” weighs about in to the decision for many fans and this begins in the exterior design. This can be a subjective make a difference even though. Individually, I would not be found deceased buying a Prius or Leaf for the pure manager connotations its user profile delivers. If anything very European looking, alternatively, the exterior of the B-Class Electric Drive is smooth and. While it is not competitive seeking at all it doesn’t scream, “Tree Hugger” – another check in the positive group.

“The upcoming has already been right here – it is just not evenly handed out.” – William Gibson

The B-Class Electric powered Generate is bounds and leaps more appealing than today’s Japanese examples humming about a neighborhood in your area and a little more expensive. The cabin is peaceful at freeway pace, velocity helps keep you awaken, the interior seems like a Mercedes and it’s costed merely a bit greater than a Nissan Leaf. Electronic cars have become more enjoyable to get and also the technological innovation that accompany this cost stage Mercedes is tough to ignore. EV revenue are drastically growing calendar year-above-season in the united states with the minimal available choices. Men and women want these vehicles, especially the ageing younger demographic. The 2014 Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electrical Push suits a growing pool of progressive thinkers and during this process dreams to create new confronts for the company in the same manner from what the CLA has already started to do. This compact is actually a part of the proper course for attainable electrical autos. For people with localized commutes or secondary family vehicle requires the Mercedes-Benz B-School Electric powered Push could possibly be for you.

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These Three Must Haves Will Keep You Feeling Young

Having as a grown-up could be depressing. We certainly have spent our entire youth building up the skills and experience necessary to have a real job, an adult car and a real home. Because you are evolved now doesn’t mean that you need to give up everything fun. Try these three things whenever your age is to get your down.

1. Retro Gaming System

While many people have the latest gaming consoles, retro gaming consoles are making a comeback and are worth quite a lot of money now in their right. There are actually entire stores that only sell those throwback consoles and games like the NES or even the Sega Genesis. For less than a modern day console, you may get that system that you mastered as a kid, along with the games that your particular mom wouldn’t buy you.

2. An Automobile That Represents Your Personality


Your grown up car doesn’t have to be one without having fun or style. Using the Fiat 500 Abarth, sold by fiat long beach, you can have a sporty car that may really make your neighbors along with your friends jealous. This car boasts great gas mileage plus a budget-friendly price, meaning that you could really being to enjoy your commute without emptying your wallet. Learn how you can schedule a test drive at www.ocfiat.com.

3. A Grown-Up, Yet Fun Hobby


Being a evolved doesn’t mean that you have to stop trying fun hobbies. Don’t be satisfied with just golf, find a thing that really talks to you, such as learning how to home brew beer or cook. Bring out your creative side by discovering that hobby that you simply always wanted to explore. Remember that you don’t need to get anyone’s permission to do fun things, so find what speaks to you.

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AP2 Honda S2000 – Country Livin’


In our many travels through the years, we’ve covered the globe and have seen some really impressive custom built automobiles – from Honda S2000 to Datsun 510. Japan never disappoints, Canada has quite a bit of cars that capture our attention, and, needless to say, the good ol’ USA provides some of the best builds the world over. Inside our vast country, we’ve witnessed a variety of variations that come from various regions; the most notable areas are states like California, Florida, the tristates, and Texas. This is, of course, taking a look at it coming from a very broad spectrum. Within these states are major cities which can be heavily populated with enthusiasts and some which are not. We try to keep our scope as wide as possible, but there are times when the thing is some awesome builds from areas that leave you scratching your head and seeking at maps to see if they exist.along with his AP2 S2000 are no strangers to us. In the last couple of years, we’ve had the privilege to view its gradual progression to its current state. Tom happens to be an eager guy who seems to be always ready to pass along information on his build whenever asked. We enjoy his enthusiasm. When we finally had a chance to ask him some personal questions about himself and not the car, we were surprised to hear about his background. It is always crucial that you know the owner as much as the automobile because it allows us to appreciate this process that much more.

Texas is where he calls home nevertheless the city from which he originates is relatively unknown to us. I grew up in a small town called Rosharon, which is basically on the outskirts of Houston, Tom says. It’s a small country town with justgrass and trees, and lots of empty roads. I grew up with a variety of car guys and that is where my passion forTo mention that Rosharon was a small town would probably be a gross understatement; the whole town has less than 1,200 residents and is just a little over three square miles large. By comparison, a significant city like Houston houses over 2 million people. You wouldn’t think that such a small town could produce such an eye-catching S2K like Tom’s, but not only does still it reside in Rosharon, the entire car was also built inside his garage.

My friends modified Civics and Integras being raised so I always just gravitated toward Hondas. I’ve owned a few through the years but I wanted to try to build an S2000. I liked the fact that it was rear-wheel drive, affordable, and, well, because it was a Honda. Tom recounts. I started modding it immediately and over the years, I developed this idea i wanted the car to be diverse from all the amazing S2000 builds I saw online from your West and East Coasts. I saw other S2K guys really pushing the envelope with all the aero modifications and wheel setups but no person really put time into transforming the engine bay.

2006 honda s2000 skunk2 racing exhaust manifold 17

2006 honda s2000 hoses 18

2006 honda s2000 skunk2 radiator cap 21

So did Tom’s Honda S2000, as being the Texas import scene continued to evolve. He was from a small town but had big dreams for his car. More events were appearing in that region, and media attention was being committed to the Lone Star State so he was as motivated as ever. Ultimately time-consuming one, although his strategy was a simple: He would keep the exterior alterations of his S2000 to a minimum, and devote all of his time into remaking the engine bay. It sounded easy enough but taking care of the engine bay on these Honda roadsters is anything but. The complexities of it are in fact one of the main factors why you don’t see several cleanly executed bays as if youeasy at all, especially since I was doing all things in my garage. I had to produce custom brake lines to reroute them in a way where they wouldn’t be visible and the Texas climate didn’t allow me to just remove the A/C completely. I needed to modify those lines also and hide them. For the main engine wiring harness, there was no aftermarket, off-the-shelf harness for purchase during the time from companies like Rywire, and so i had to affect the factory one. I cut and extended the harness thus i could tuck it up underneath the front fenders along with the fuse box. What took by far the most time was shaving the engine bay and rendering itOne can only imagine what casual onlookers within his town thought watching Tom sand down his engine bay. If the car even ran with literally simply the motor floating over the engine compartment, many were probably left wondering. The rest that was left in was either polished or coated in a gloss black finish to contrast against the red exterior. Hardly any power-adders were implemented considering that the bay is indeed naked; you won’t look for a turbo or supercharger here. A Fujita cold-air intake replaces the cumbersome OEM airbox and a Skunk2 Racing header drives exhaust gases out via an HKS exhaust. The outward appearance of his AP2 is equally as simple, however it is not without its aero enhancements; the face has been outfitted with an ASM bumper along with the factory ragtop remains hidden like his engine harness as a Spoon Mooncraft-style top provides cover as promised. The rear 1 / 2 of his car has a much beefier appeal than its factory counterpart with incorporating ASM rear fender flares. The added room from the flares offers only enough space to housefrom the engine bay and exterior. Bride Ergo II seats keep Tom and hisgirlfriend and Anita, snugly in place while overall driving position is improved by using a concave Vertex steering wheel mounted to a Mugen hub. Together with his interior being mostly black in color, the signature green tone of his Takata safety harnesses and blue hue in the Cusco bolt-on ‘cage add a sharp, attention-grabbing, contrast on thewe were impressed with all the overall execution of his project. Oftentimes, less is without a doubt more, especially when it comes to modifying Hondas. You honestly wouldn’t think that he had devoted so much time into customizing the engine bay to the extent that he did as the exterior is pretty modest, when the hood is closed. It can be indeed the entire opposite, even though you would expect other S2000s with hoards of expensive aero to get an engine bay like Tom’s. Furthermore, the truth that he performed all of his modifications, minus paint, within a small garage in a town no one has ever heard about earns him a ton of respect. We often forget that great builds originate from all walks of life. This is for your guys/gals from towns like Rosharon along with other places that are usually unseen. Your projects is not going unrecognized.

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